Mental Tugs

A mental tug back to the first chapter of book 2, Perceval’s Shadow.  It began just as I was finishing up the last chapter of that novel in early August and has continued to nag at me.  Again this morning, nag, nag, nag.  It concerns how Evan thinks about what he’s done in book 1 and then what he thinks of himself as a person.  This specifically relates to Vasia Bartyakov.  I had originally not considered this but the mental tug has been quite persistent lately.  I’ll go back and write notes regarding this for the first chapter of book 2.  I can see Evan quite clearly, laying on his back on the sidewalk near the Plaza Houssay in Buenos Aires, looking up at the night sky, becoming aware of people looking down at him, voices in Spanish, and his thoughts turning to Vasia, the concept of karma as punishment. 

 Next Monday I plan to focus on book 3, Perceval in Love.  My first priority is writing on the novels.  The frequency of posts here will probably fluctuate but I’m planning to post as often as I can. 


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