I am almost finished writing chapter 1 of book 3: Perceval in Love.  This chapter proved more complex than I’d originally thought — isn’t that usually the case? — and I’m happy that I’d done a sketchy outline of the book to know what issues to present or hint at in the first chapter.  Of course, I’ll probably return to this chapter many times as I’m writing my way through this book, but I’m confident that now I’m on track for writing toward the end of the story.  The curtain has risen on Act One….

I need to develop programs of concerts Evan will be conducting after the two gigs in book 3 because he’ll be preparing for them during this book.  I need to know what he’ll be working on.


I’ve obtained permission to attend the Minnesota Orchestra’s reading rehearsals during the Composer Institute next week.  I plan to go to the first day, which is a double rehearsal day — morning and afternoon rehearsals — but not the dress rehearsal the following day.   I will go to the concert on Friday evening (which, I believe, will stream live on MPR.org at 8PM CT — check the website for details).  Last year, attending the reading rehearsals provided a wealth of material for my research regarding conductors and composers working together. 


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