Moving On

The first draft of chapter one of book 3 (Perceval in Love or PIL) is done.  I finished it last week.  It never ceases to amaze me how I can start a chapter thinking one thing and come out the other side thinking something else entirely.  I ask myself questions about what needs to happen next, and a few days later, the answers come in ideas for action or ideas for Evan’s introspection.  I need to develop two or three more concert programs for him to work on after he returns home from Helsinki. 

I’ve begun work on chapter two.  I’ve known all along that this is the chapter in which Evan is punched with the problem for this book.  I began writing without a detailed outline, however.  I can’t work with a detailed outline.  My outlines are always very sketchy and more like suggestions or a series of questions.  I usually need to know where I’m going, also, so I have a relatively good idea how the chapter will end and where Evan will be.  This chapter began, to my surprise, with him reconnecting with Pierre, a character from book 2.  Nice.  I interrupted the writing to dig into my research file for photos of Finlandia Hall, for Mannerheimintie in Helsinki, and find that I need more. 

My goal for next month is to finish at least four chapters.  I write slowly, especially working on first drafts. 


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