Marketing Update

I return this month to the time-consuming task of researching literary agents and editors to query.  To that end, I recently signed up at Publishers Marketplace ( which offers a plethora of resources such as databases of agents, editors, writers, etc., a daily e-mail newsletter about that day’s deals and who made them, web pages for members and so on.   No true sure-fire method exists for capturing the attention of an agent or editor, and sales, cold calls and pitches are not my strong suit.  It’s crazy — as if agents and editors can know what the market will want two years in the future, or if something new, i.e. a blending of genres (which is happening more and more) or a new approach to structure, will not sell.  I know Perceval is a good story, a strong mainstream suspense entertainment, and my “focus group” of readers has agreed.    I’m hoping that the harder the task (finding an agent and/or editor), the sweeter the success when it comes.

My work schedule:  I work on marketing tasks and research tasks generally during the afternoons, Monday through Saturday.  I write in the mornings, Monday through Saturday, i.e. formal writing at the computer or legal pad.  Over lunch break, I write in my journal.  Otherwise, I keep up with the pinging and panging of ideas in my head by writing notes wherever I am and carry a small notebook around.  Some of my most productive problem-solving time is while I’m working out to music in the mornings, before I get to my desk.  The music takes me through the door and hallways of my imagination and sparks connections.  I am constantly frustrated by time — never enough of it — especially time for reading.  In the last year, I’ve tried to set aside Sundays for reading, but have not been as successful at protecting that reading time as I’d hoped.  The key to my sanity at the moment is flexibility. 


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