Marketing Update #3

Taking stock during the first month of a new year, I find my marketing efforts are crawling along:

 Of the ten queries sent to the last batch of literary agents, I have heard from six (all no thanks) and four are still outstanding.  I plan to put together another batch of queries to send sometime in February.  I also need to get going with the research of publishers.

I finally set up my Publishers Marketplace webpage for Perceval at (on my blogroll here).  It needs some editing, a visual or two, but I’m happy with the basic form of it.  I continue to search for the stock photos that will best represent the book and not cost my arm and leg.  I plan to also put up a rights offering page for book one at Publishers Marketplace.  This website is an industry business and trolling site for agents, publishers, packagers, filmmakers, editors, writers, etc.  I’m trying to be discerning about where I plaster Perceval info to generate interest and attention, and so I research sites.  Another marketing task that takes more time than it sounds like it would…..

Deals: in the last two months, I’ve been paying particular attention to deal reports in Publishers Weekly and from Publishers Marketplace for novels, specifically the gender of protagonists of thrillers, mysteries, crime, suspense, “general/other,” and debut fiction.  I was curious to see if there would be a preponderance of female protagonists or not.  Interesting to see that the majority of deals I read about for those categories were for female protagonists.  I’m all for female protagonists, but let’s not leave the men behind!  I wonder if this is the “herd effect” that I’ve heard literary agents speak of — if one or a handful of books do well, then agents and publishers want to try to replicate that success.  It could be as small an element as a female protagonist, or as big as an entire plot (think of all the DaVinci Code copycats that actually didn’t do that well) with various narrative props.  If it worked once, then it’ll work again.  (Hollywood thinks the same way.)  So now we’re apparently in a female protagonist groove.  So much for acting outside the box and taking risks (the opposite of the “herd effect”).  No, I am not going to change Evan’s gender….

The economy: the predictions of a recession this year do not help my efforts to get my novel published. 


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