Marketing Update #4

Today I received a request for additional material from a literary agent.  That is, sample chapters, synopsis, etc.  I am excited, but know that it is only one small step in the process of finding an agent.  I’m still excited, anxious, hopeful, nervous.  I’ll ship out the requested materials early next week. 

And the waiting begins again….


5 responses to “Marketing Update #4

  1. Well, this isn’t really directly advertizing for you, but it is an interesting interview with Philip Roth. This is just part of the modern “sales pitch” for a major author, I guess: get interviewed in lots of magazines, TV, etc. I actually read this due to the poilitical title. Skip to the end of p. 2 if you want to avoid his political opinions (though they are amusingly, if depressingly, poignant.,1518,534018,00.html

  2. Thanks for the link. I love author interviews. Yesterday I was reading an interview of the agent who asked for the sample chapters and he talked about publicity/promotion by authors on the internet, that, while not unproductive, it wasn’t really enough to move books (in his opinion). He urged writers to leave the publicity to publishers who have more money to do it and the advertising. Writers need to spend their time writing. I love this way of thinking! (smile)

  3. I heard an interview on Fresh Air yesterday, with Edward Lucas, on “the new cold war” with Russia. His theisis is that we are engaged in yet another cold war, this time with dollars and petroleum. Russia is terrorizing some of the former Soviet states by simply threatening to turn off their oil supply (which is wholely provided by GasProm). GasProm is sort of the new Soviet in Russia.

    With your economic underpinnings of your initial Evan Story, I thought you might find this interesting. His new book is titled: “The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West”

    It’s really hard to type with a cat sitting on one’s chest between you and the monitor.

  4. Thanks for the title. I had originally thought of Russia for the novels as being more democratic but Putin is ruining that for me. However, even now I doubt Russia would want China to get one up on them economically. It might be interesting to think of Russia and China as the competing “superpowers” of the future.

    How big is the cat? (smile)

  5. On Monday, March 3, I received a response from the literary agent mentioned in this post. He requested the entire manuscript! I mailed it out to him today.

    Let the waiting begin….

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