Books, Books, Books

Interesting report in the June 2 Publishers Weekly ( in the “Foreword” section: entitled “On-Demand Output Soars,” it summarizes the number of books published in 2007. 

For fiction titles, last year 50,071 were published, a 99% increase over 2002 (25,102 titles), and a 17% increase over 2006 (42,777 titles).   That’s just fiction.  “Literature” also increased albeit more modestly with 9, 796 titles published last year.  Now I wonder, what’s the difference between “fiction” and “literature”?  Perhaps the former is genre fiction and the latter refers to literary fiction/criticism.  This wasn’t clear from the article.

The report does not include sales figures for each category.  

Are too many fiction titles being published now?  Is the market saturated?  This could be a problem for someone like me trying to get my novel published.  Finding an agent and getting published are really not that easy…. 


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