Updates, or Waasup?

As I gradually regain my energy, my thoughts are returning to Evan and his world, other writing activities and marketing.  I’ve identified goals and begun working, slowly, in tandem with daily life demands and rest to conserve energy.


1.  I’ve begun work on a short-short story.  Deadline for completion is in about 10 days.  This deadline is not in stone, however….  The story is science fiction, much to my surprise, with time wormholes and space wormholes and the perception of beauty vs. the truth of beauty.  Sounds profound, as I describe it here, but it’s actually more whimsical and fun.  At least, if I can pull it off…..

2.  Printed out the chapter I was working on in Perceval in Love when I took my “leave.”  I’ve discovered from past writing interruptions that it could take me a few weeks to get back into the groove of the story.  I’ll also begin listening to the classical music in this novel.

3.  One essay idea for a magazine I’ve been batting around but I’m not certain I’ll write it.  Not terribly excited.  It feels more like a school exercise.  Deadline is July 15, if I choose to go for it.  Could conflict with work on the short-short story and my low energy level.


1.  Send follow-up letter to the literary agent who requested the complete manuscript of Perceval almost four months ago.

2.  Develop another list of ten agents to query, research them, assemble and mail queries to them. 


Chronically behind with everything — trade publications, general publications, novels and nonfiction.  It astounds me how much time checking e-mail and working on the internet gobbles up time that I once used for reading.  Currently reading: Granta 100, Janet Evanovich’s Two for the Dough, the most recent PW, the most recent Time, the July-August The Atlantic Monthly, Summer 2008 Zoetrope All-Story, and the December 2007 Writer’s Digest.


Recently I purchased a really interesting book about people who adopt alternate identities like spies, con men, actors, etc.  This fits in perfectly with my research for the Perceval novels and I’m always interested to read more on this topic.  The book is Art of Darkness: Ingenious Performances by Undercover Operators, Con Men, and Others by Sara K. Schneider.  I’m excited to dive back into that world…..


One response to “Updates, or Waasup?

  1. I hope your health improves soon, mate. Having to slow down can suck… and teach some important lessons.

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