Writer on Writing: Richard Price

“What’s your daily writing schedule like?

Deadlines help.  I don’t enjoy writing.  I’d rather do almost anything other than write.  Writers have it the worst of all the creative artists.  All you do is sit on your backside and rearrange the 26 letters of the alphabet for 50 years.  Painters have the physicality of a canvas and can walk around their studios.  Actors get to interact with other people.  But writers battle this constant anxiety and antsiness.  I find writing to be borderline unbearable sometimes.”   

(The above quote is from a Chuck Leddy interview with Richard Price published in the November 2008 issue of The Writer.)

Amen to that.  However, Mr. Price didn’t really answer the question….(laughing)  Somehow, reading someone else’s rant about how difficult writing is, and in what way that writer finds it difficult, is comforting.  And how refreshing that he didn’t give the “usual” answer, detailing one day in those “50 years.”  I guess, if Price’s time period is true, I have only another 30 years left to write…..

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