Essay Submission

Early this afternoon, I will hand deliver my submission to another essay contest.  The deadline is today at 4:30 p.m. and I’m lucky the publication’s office is only a few blocks from my home.

I’ve worked on this essay all week, deciding much later than usual that I wanted to submit something.  The idea had come to me a couple weeks ago.  The total word count couldn’t exceed 1000 words, so I needed to write something short and succinct.  And fast.  I finished this morning.  I’m satisfied.  It feels right in my body.

So often, my usual MO is to think of an idea, think it’d be nice to develop it and write something, and then do nothing.  I’m trying to break this habit.

So, let the waiting begin…..


One response to “Essay Submission

  1. I’m sitting and need to write a couple pages (1000 word) essay for my ethics class based upon some reading – which I have yet to do. I have the same idea – sit down, contemplate, then write. Inevitably, I start, write a page, contemplate more, and then completely overhaul/re-write it. I suppose it’s not really any different writing a persuasive argument vs. writing something to get someone to contemplate your idea.

    On to counterfeit drugs & public health …

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