News on the Marketing Front

Agent Queries:  Of the ten I mailed out last week, I’ve received 3 responses, all rejections: two form letters, one that sounded personal but impossible to tell since it was an e-mail.  That is an advantage of snail mail letters with handwritten signatures.  Much easier to tell if they’re personal or not.

Essay Contest: A shocking development.  In this month’s issue of the publication, Minnesota Literature, the president of their board of directors announced that the publication would fold.  December’s issue will be the last.  They have published for 35 years and they must fold now due to financial and electronic issues. 

In the editor’s column, there was no mention of what might happen with the essay contest.  Publication and a reading were included in the prizes for winning, as well as money.  I’d guess that the contest won’t happen, although it’d be great if they could proceed with it. 

I’ve been a loyal subscriber and contributor for years, and have found markets in their listings.  It’s very sad and depressing that Minnesota Literature must cease publication.

More Agents:  I never know where I’ll run across an interesting literary agent.  Last night, I was reading an interview of an agent whom I’d queried years ago for a different novel.  I remembered her rejection letter, which was personal and quite funny.  It made me laugh and I’ve never forgotten that gift from her at that particular moment.  I don’t think Perceval is the kind of story that she’d be interested in representing, despite its commercial elements.  However, I’ve decided to write her a “fan” letter to thank her for her funny rejection all those years ago….

Addendum 11/08/08: The Minnesota Literature Essay Contest was cancelled.


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