And the score is…..

A quick marketing update: sent an e-mail follow-up today to the literary agent who has the manuscript of Perceval. It’s now been nine months….

Another agent in my most recent batch of queries has responded: a “no thanks.”  The score now is 4 rejections, 6 still outstanding….


One response to “And the score is…..

  1. At the end of my copy of Gorky Park, there is an excerpt of an interview with Martin Cruz Smith, with a note that the rest of the interview is at:

    He discussed some of his issues dealing with publishing companies, in trying to get his book back from them, so that they couldn’t publish it!

    Unfortunately, the link I found is a recording, and not text (well unfortunate in that I don’t want to listen to a 26 min. interview when I could spend 5 minutes reading it). The link at the professor’s name at the top of the page goes to a pile of other interviews, including Smith’s (under S) I suppose you might find some of the other content interesting.

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