The Change, Again

Last October I wrote a post about the similarity between the economic troubles we’re experiencing and “The Change” in Perceval.  At that time, I thought that the losses would affect only the US and Europe, but this past week I realized that this recession is essentially global.  That makes it even more similar to “The Change,” which I envisioned as a global depression that started in the US and spread.


In the Perceval future, political upheaval accompanies the economic problems, and terrorists take advantage of America’s economic weakness.  As a result, Americans go to the polls and vote into power a political party that gradually creates a permanent majority.  In other words, a dictatorship. 

I really wonder if that could actually happen.  Americans can be an ornery bunch, skeptical, vocal and adamant about fairness and democracy.  Would Americans ever want security and economic stability more than democracy and freedom?

My job is to tell a good story, a fictional story, and to that end, allow my imagination freedom to explore the universe of possibilities.  And yet, readers sometimes gain inspiration and ideas of their own, triggered by a story, a character or situation.  Reading is important….


3 responses to “The Change, Again

  1. //Would Americans ever want security and economic stability more than democracy and freedom?

    hell, yes! Look at what we did to ourselves in 2000, but far more in 2004. The US government ran for 5 or 6 years on nothing but fear of our security. (admittedly, no one seems to give a goddamn about our economic stability, which is likely far more critical to your Percival world).

    Even today, the right-wing of the Republican party is harping on keeping out the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Tear down the big copper bitch, if we can’t bother to respect her. At the rate copper is going, it might even make a microscopic dent in the national debt. Or sell it, like bits of the Berlin Wall, and make a more significant dent in the debt. I doubt any of the unmentionables on Wall Street would give a damn.
    (the Wikipedia entry on it is pretty interesting, especially the “Aftermath of 9/11” section:

    Far, far too many Americans ponied up to the Fear-R-Us campaigns. It was like watching the Deep South in ’64 facing the potential of actually having the government enforce equal rights for all those pesky blacks.

    We happily embrace limitations of our freedoms without blinking. The government is still legally allowed to tap our phones, grossly impede commerce/travel with TSA, obscenly violate our legal rights of a speedy trial, or even reasonable suspicion. Did anyone bother to read the PATRIOT Act? Even legislators afterwards admitted they didn’t! Has anyone got the brass balls necessary to revoke it? No. Why? Because politicians are too afraid of scaring off the votes of the Fearful, who happily accept those limitations.

    arg, I need to stop. Today’s world should be enough to give you fodder for a truly terrifying picture of the future. The one being laid out as I write over at the Star Tribune’s print shop.

  2. I suspect that the 2008 election was actually Americans saying they’d prefer freedom and democracy over security and stability. The problem is that little has been done to reverse legislation restricting civil liberties. But then, there’s the economy to deal with first. I do think the economy is a priority now for most Americans (as well as globally).

    I was glad to see Ben Bernanke on “60 Minutes” last night giving viewers a calm, reasoned assessment of actions taken last fall that averted a depression and reassurances of the integrity of our economic system. I’ve been surprised that the Stock Market didn’t rally even more today in response.

    As for the future, I’ve just been perusing various websites dealing with the coming alleged apocalypse on Dec. 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT. It looks like these are the same people who insisted that there was a government conspiracy behind 9/11. What I found really interesting were the number of products and things to buy not only to find out more, but to prepare to survive the apocalyse. People will try to make money even though they are saying the world will end in 3 years….(laughing) If you want to explore this really skewed world, just do a search on “December 21, 2012.” And don’t believe much of it….as usual, some of the information is factual. It’s how it’s interpreted and blown out of proportion….

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