Thoughts and Updates

Another month has passed since my last follow-up letter to the literary agent who has the Perceval manuscript. Another month of silence. I’m beginning to give up hope for this guy. Is that what he wants? I have learned one thing from this experience: when an agent asks for sample chapters, send the entire manuscript. Then, if he wants to continue reading, he already has the complete novel and doesn’t have to wait for me to send it. I suspect he’s lost interest. Schade.

What next? I’ve been researching possible publishers for Perceval and their editors. The process is straightforward but takes time to dig for the information. I collected book reviews of novels also set in the near future. At Publishers Marketplace, I looked up the publishers in their new publishers and imprints database. Then I checked for the deals done in the last 2 years, searching for the specific novel that started the process. Each deal entry under the relevant publisher lists the editor and the agent. Very useful information.

The next step is to query each editor, much as I’ve been querying literary agents. However, I query the editors representing myself as agent. And the process takes just as much time as querying agents.

I’ve run into a roadblock with my market research for The Shadow, the excerpt from Perceval. So, I may put that away for awhile, come back to it later with fresh eyes.

In my internet travels last week I stumbled onto a photographer’s blog (I love photography!). Becca Dilley, the photographer, had worked an event at Orchestra Hall and taken some terrific pictures. There’s a particularly good one of the stage. Her blog can be found here.

The first draft of a short essay on December 21, 2012 is done. I’ve been working on another essay, Rare, that’s a short memoir. As I gear up to take on a non-writing job in the near future, I’ll be sticking to shorter forms of writing for awhile.


One response to “Thoughts and Updates

  1. Cripes, it’s such a frustrating process, isn’t it – manuscripts and queries and suspense! I hope the guy actually gets back to you.

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