The “Worst” Advice for Writers

A good friend sent me the link to another writer’s blog post entitled For Aspiring Writers: the Worst Advice You’ll Ever ReadCharles Hugh Smith, a journalist writing for The San Francisco Chronicle, offers a down-to-earth perspective on writing and making a living as a writer in this rich, elegant blog post.  A lot of people in this world think writing is easy, that getting published is easy, that a person can become famous by writing novels, and Charles Hugh Smith begs to differ.  He tells it like it is. 

I have no plans to give up the search for a publisher for the Perceval novels.  In fact, a couple weeks ago, I sent the literary agent who requested the manuscript of Perceval over 15 months ago another follow-up letter requesting a response.  It’s probably the last one I’ll send him.  I reason that if he were truly interested in my novel the way I would want an agent to be interested, he would have read it over 15 months ago.  Such is the writer’s life.

My writer’s work will soon become a part-time job.  The problems with the economy and our recession has hit me harder than any recession before.  I’m now searching for a full-time job.  I plan to continue writing here at least once a week, and will shift my writing work to weekends and the week nights I’m not totally exhausted.  My past experience, however, has been that working 8+ hours and the commute from home and back sends my imagination for creative writing into hiding.  I’d love it to be different this time.  We shall see…..


2 responses to “The “Worst” Advice for Writers

  1. Ich drucke meinen Daumen!

    I hope the job search goes well. I found that writing non-work items went really well … when I was procrastinating at work. Naughty, naughty.

  2. Vielen Dank, Elizabeth!

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