This has been a busy week for the writing side of my life:

  • I completed a 500 word essay this past Monday that I’d worked on for the last month.  I e-mailed it to an editor I know.  I thought I’d finally nailed what she was looking for in this type of essay, but alas, the rejection came the next day.  She complimented my essay, but offered no clear, specific problems with it that caused her to pass on it. 
  • Two more essays are in different stages of completion.  I worked on one of them also on Monday.  It has an 8/15/09 deadline.
  • I’ve been working on a publisher query to a specific editor.  When I checked their website today, I discovered that they accept unsolicited submissions, which is quite rare for a publisher.  So, rather than sending only a letter, I’ll include the first 50 pages of Perceval, as requested in their guidelines.  I expect to mail the query tomorrow or Friday.
  • I’ve been generating ideas for mini-essays for a website that $pay$ for them. 

On the job search side of my life, to date I’ve submitted 3 job applications for a medical coder position.  I’ve not seen any new listings this week.  I’m a member of AAPC, the professional association for coders, and talked with the membership officer of the local chapter last week.  She gave me several good tips and ideas for my job search.  I now plan to take the certification exam in about 6 months, and have purchased study guides to help me prepare.  I’ll watch for opportunities to practice taking the exam from my local AAPC chapter.


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