Another Update


  • Reworked and resubmitted the essay that was rejected so quickly last week.  This time, no response yet.  I’m hoping the editor isn’t on vacation.
  • Almost finished with the essay that’s due on or before 8/15/09.  I will make this deadline, thanks to e-mail.  This essay began with one idea that led to another that led to the idea the essay ended up being about.  Interesting how that works.
  • Joined Facebook.  I’m also on LinkedIn for professional networking.  I’m hoping to build interest for my writing with Facebook (and connect with people like a long-lost cousin who found me there this week).


  • Nothing new with the medical coder jobs I’ve applied to.  One was through a recruiter, another through a temp agency, and the third directly to a clinic.  What I continue to hear in the coding world in this market is that being certified is crucial to landing a job, even if it’s at the apprentice level.  I’ve assembled study guides to prepare for the certification exam, and I continue to practice coding.
  • I found an open job at a local publishing company and sent them my resume.  I would love to work for a publishing company and this one publishes non-fiction. 
  • I continue to slog over the job postings for new possibilities and opportunities….

4 responses to “Another Update

    • I submitted the essay two days before the 8/15 deadline. Haven’t heard from the editor. On to a short story for a change of pace.

      The job search continues….

  1. Your writing is very impressive Cinda as I’ve just discovered by reading your blog. I was curious when you posted your blog on Facebook and naturally I had to check it out. What I found was a wealth of information regarding the process writers experience before they are published as they are moving up along the food chain with the rest of corporate America.
    This is a beautifully written article about your own experience as a writer that is not only informative, but also enjoyable to read.
    I think you should consider publishing this blog while you’re waiting for acceptance of your novel. Seriously Cinda it’s great, and I believe there are a lot of writers and potential writers out there who will gain much from learning the business side of writing as you have explained so well. Universities, literary magazines…etc., would all welcome this article.
    Meanwhile, I can’t wait to read “Perceval” when it comes out in print!


  2. Welcome to my world, Linda! I hope you return often to check up on me….

    Actually, this blog is already published. Each time I post something, it’s published online which is a market that has been gaining more and more readers. Whether or not I publish in print…I need much more material for a book-length publication.

    Thanks for your interest and support, cousin mine!

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