Two Years and Counting

Two years ago at this time, I had chosen which blogging site I wanted to use for my blog and I was working on a title, on what I wanted on the blog and how I wanted to organize it.  Two years!  I had not imagined that the blog would turn out to be a solid, strong endeavor, and include my other writing projects as well as the Perceval novels.  So where am I, as a writer, today?  What are my priorities?  What are my plans for the next two years?

The Blog Itself: Two years is a long time with one blog theme/layout, eh?  I’ve been looking at other themes in the last few weeks and trying to figure out what I want to do to tousle this blog’s hair, pump up the volume, and burnish its personality.  If all goes well, you’ll see some changes at some point in the next month or so.

The Perceval Novels: In March 2008, I put my work on the third novel in the series, Perceval in Love, on hold until I’d resolved some issues of everyday life that had intruded on my writing.  Those issues have been resolved, but a new one has arisen thanks to the tanked economy.  For the last two months, I’ve been looking for a job, and the search continues.  I think that I’ll probably not return to Book 3 until at least 6 months after I begin a job and have settled into a new routine and daily structure.  Any writer who also works a fulltime job knows the challenges of finding the time to write.  For me, the challenge is especially to find uninterrupted, quiet, solitary time for creative thinking.  I continue to write notes as ideas come to me, which they continue to do, thank god.

Marketing Perceval: I plan to continue my marketing efforts for Book 1, i.e. the search for a literary agent and/or publisher.  I recently received a rejection from the publisher I’d queried at the end of July.   I’ll mail another in the next week or two.

Short Stories: I’ve completed the first draft of a short story that had been banging around in my mind for the last year or so.  I have another short story in development.  So far, only these two stories cooking on the stove but I’d welcome more.  Shorter projects are easier to complete when time is limited.  I have revised The Shadow, the excerpt from Perceval, and will submit it to two contests, deadlines in October.

Essays: I submitted two different essays last month to two different publications.  The first draft of another essay is done.  I have ideas for at least two more essays, one longer than usual.  I will continue to work on this shorter form.

Other Nonfiction: I recently bought an accordion file in which to collect my notes for a memoir about money.  I’ve sketched out an outline, basically a Table of Contents, from which to work for now.  I’m sure once I begin writing notes, the rise of memories will gain momentum, and everything will change! I have begun submitting articles to this website under the nom de plume “Fascinated.”

The last two years have been fun, and especially fun to meet other writers and readers here.  Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!  I’ll be here….


6 responses to “Two Years and Counting

  1. What are your essays about? You would like to get money for them, of course, instead of publishing them on your blog for free, but could you give a some titles or summaries, please?

  2. Hi, Peter,

    As requested, titles of essays:
    “Waking to Mozart”
    “Future Mind”
    “Word Power”

    The two short stories’ titles:
    “The Negligee”

    Yeah, I’d rather not publish them here, because some or all will be published elsewhere and I don’t want to screw up the rights for them. Especially if I can get paid….(smile)

  3. Good luck with finding a publisher.


  4. sounds like you have written alot of things

    • I guess it does, Ryan. But not nearly enough! I’ve got other things on back burners that I know I’ll evenutally move to a front burner and cook.

      Thanks for the comment!

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