Update on “Two Years and Counting”

The holidays fast approach, the new year is only weeks away.  I’ve slogged along with my projects and am ready to update my “To Do” list:

The Blog Itself: After reviewing many, many themes here at WordPress, I decided that I wanted to stay with the one I have.  It’s clean, with white space for easy reading, and I like the widgets on the right.  I re-arranged those widgets and added introductory text that originally had been a subtitle.  Finding the right photo for the header gave me the opportunity to peruse dozens of photos of Vienna and I found photos of several places I love in that city.  The photo that now serves as the header photo is of the Cafe Diglas on the Wollzeile in the First District of Vienna, Austria.  The entrance is to the left and the photo has been taken from a diagonal perspective to see how the cafe stretches up the adjoining cross street.  It’s an old fashioned Viennese cafe, although it looks like they’ve spruced up the exterior.  This cafe inspired one of the cafe’s used as a location in Perceval

The Perceval Novels: No change in the last two months.  I continue to seek employment, so I’ll keep my writing plans on hold for the novels until that situation has been settled.

Marketing Perceval: I found another publisher to query but haven’t yet put the query package together.  I plan to complete this task before the end of the year.  I also need to develop another batch of agents to query.

Short Stories: Lots of progress here.  I’ve completed Lights and it’s ready to submit so I’ve been researching possible markets.  I submitted The Shadow to three contests, not two.  I continue to develop The Negligee and will try to get a first draft down on paper before the end of the year if not sooner.

Essays:  One of the essays I’d submitted two months ago, Waking to Mozart, was rejected.  I’m looking for other markets for it.  Future Mind was published in Mensa Bulletin in the October 2009 issue under the title Money Talks.  I completed another essay, Word Power, and submitted it last month.  I continue to work on the longer essay, Rare.  Another essay idea burbled up the other day, one considering our “supersized” society.

Memoir (book):  I continue to develop this project.  Recently played with the idea of an experience with a contest threading through the book to anchor it in the present. 

eHow.com: After a gung-ho beginning, my efforts at this website have fallen by the wayside.  I need to decide if it’s worth pursuing….

Miscellaneous: While researching short story markets, I grabbed an opportunity for a free sample copy of one of the magazines in exchange for writing a review of it here.  The magazine arrived today.  Watch for the review in the coming weeks!

So, after two months, I feel that I’ve made some progress, although I would have liked to have made more, of course.  The holidays confuse and complicate life at this time of year, as pleasant as they can be.  I am determined, however, to mail the submissions and complete the first drafts….


One response to “Update on “Two Years and Counting”

  1. I agree that your blog layout makes for easy reading. Good choice.

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