Poet’s Corner

Words give a writer language to describe experience and the world.  Poetry distills experience into images or emotions evoked by words.  I enjoy reading poetry to open my mind, my imagination to new ways of thought and expression.  But don’t expect any poetry from me!  I discovered long ago that I don’t have the right brain connections to write poetry, and that’s been re-affirmed recently as I’ve struggled to write a couple limericks for one of my doctors. 

Richard Carr sent me news today that he’ll have another collection of poetry published in 2010.  I look forward to reading it!

Another local poet I’ve wanted to read is Todd Boss.  I recently discovered his website which is fun, and he also has an online journal called Flurry there.

My plan is to read more poetry in 2010. 

Another plan is to read more science fiction in 2010…..


2 responses to “Poet’s Corner

  1. The only thing vaguely like poetry that I’ve written in my adult, post-college life was in German. My mother-in-law seemed to be surprised … she saw it on a bit of paper in my car. Her comment was a long the lines of “it looks like something written to a lover”. I responded, “I wrote it for Peter” (my husband, although I do believe he was “simply” my lover at the time I wrote it). I’m not sure if the surprise was due to the fact that I wrote it, or that I wrote it for her son. Although, I supposed, the surprise might simply have been that I wrote it in German. And, strangely enough, I don’t seem to be embarrassed to share it… strange since I’m horribly embarrassed every time I think about asking for someone’s opinion on the prose fiction that I wrote.

    Vor allem Schwarz und Weiß und Grau
    vergesse ich manchmal
    die bunten Farben in meinem Leben:
    Du bist für mich
    weder Schwarz nor Weiß
    sondern Rot und Blau und
    meine Lust und Freude

    As far as I can tell, this qualifies as “poetry”…

    • Of course this qualifies as poetry and how lovely! In German, too! I have enough problems writing poetry in English. I did finish the two limericks, wrote them into the thank you card for my surgeon. He didn’t open the card (or the gift) when I gave it to him, so I have no idea if he laughed or not. I hope so. Maybe it’s just as well he didn’t open it, then I wouldn’t have seen the grimace or heard the groan….! (smile)

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