Finally, a Defining Label

This week, I experienced one of those tingling, spatially disorienting moments of realization.  Some people smack their foreheads.  I hold my stomach and shake my head from side to side, groaning.  It was a “why didn’t I see that sooner?” realization:

Perceval is “speculative fiction.”

I had been trying to fit the series into a science fiction niche but failed to find one that fit the novels like a model in haute couture.  The novels are set in the near future, so I’d been calling them “future historicals.”  Well, they are that.  But the broader category that includes future historicals, dystopias, hard science fiction, and fantasy is speculative fiction.

This resolution to the problem of defining Perceval for marketing purposes came in the middle of a computer software class I was taking (and enjoying).  My mind was playing, having a lot of fun with all the cool stuff MS Access 2007 can do, when the idea slid into my mind, unnoticed, and settled into a groove.  It waited.  I saw it somewhere between working with the Input Mask Wizard and creating Validation rules.

The smallest feather of an idea floats in despite the furious activity in my mind.  A welcome idea.  Isn’t it great how the mind works?


2 responses to “Finally, a Defining Label

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