July 2010 Updates

Time to take stock on what, if any, progress I’ve made so far this year.  My frustration level has not changed, especially regarding the day job search.  Those way up there at the pinnacle of government may be trying to put a positive spin on the job market situation in order to keep up the recovery momentum, but down here in the trenches, there’s nothing positive happening.  The other day, I heard that for Minnesota there’s approximately 300 applicants (min.) for each opening posted of the job I’m looking for.  So, still not enough jobs out there. 

When I’m not writing cover letters and filling out job applications, I’ve continued to write and send out essays and short stories.  Current status:

Perceval and the Perceval Novels:  No real change from the update in early May.  I finally added another file box to the four I have for the series.  Marketing takes up an entire file box on its own.  At some point, I will re-read Perceval and do another revision.  This would be about number 15 or 16, I think.

Essays: MORE PUBLICATION!! I published an essay in the August issue of Mensagenda and submitted another one today.  I think I’m developing a regular monthly column called “Word Power” about language and communication for this journal.  It’s been fun.  I’ll submit an essay to the Mensa Bulletin next week.  Four or five more essays in development.

Short Stories:  I changed the title of Lights to The Light Chamber and put it through another ruthless revision.  Clarifying the theme really helped.  I completed the revision this week and submitted the story to Strange Horizons yesterday.  I began writing the second short story, but it has been very slow forming in my mind.  I know how it ends, I know why I want to tell the story, it’s just a matter of letting it come in its own time.  I’m somewhat surprised that short stories come so much more slowly for me than novels.

Memoir:  Rare, the memoir essay, resides on the proverbial back burner at the moment.  I want to finish it this year, at least the first draft.  I’ve outlined the book-length memoir like a table of contents so I have an idea of how many chapters and what each covers.  The outline allows me to see some chapters as potential stand-alone memoir essays that I could submit for publication.  The second and third book-length memoir ideas are on hold at the moment.

To Freelance or Not to Freelance?  This past week, my dwindling bank account convinced me to make a decision about this.  I am now employed as an independent contractor working freelance for Demand Studios.  It’s too soon to know how much time this will consume away from my own writing, but I know I need to generate far more income than I am right now.  Fie on this economy!  More to come….

Nonfiction Book Collaboration:  On hold at least until January 2011.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot proceed with the contract talks or the actual work until my friend resolves an unrelated legal situation. 

This Blog:  Whatever happens with my work life, I plan to continue posting here at least once a week, as usual.  I hope to be back to work on the novels perhaps this fall or winter with more thoughts on them and doing revisions vs. first drafts.  I enjoy hearing from my blog’s readers and encourage everyone to leave a comment or two, and certainly return regularly for more!


2 responses to “July 2010 Updates

  1. re: #applicants / job

    I just submitted an application for a job @ 3M, for which I am qualified. I simply cannot imagine 300 people applying for it, even if you considered the entire United States. 20 within Minnesota, maybe. (There are 5 other people who graduated from our program last year.) Now … if there are only 20 people applying for this job, there must be 260 applying for some other job. 300 is an average, a fact which political-spinners pleasantly ignore. If you opened a job for an administrative assistant, or commercial truck driver, I can easily see more than 300 people applying.

    • The 300 referred to only administrative assistant jobs in the Twin Cities area. I have no idea about other specific jobs or other markets.

      I’m holding my thumbs for you for the 3M job.

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