June 2011 Updates

Still facing the blank page daily.....

Nearly half the year has passed already!  As I look back on what I’ve been doing and what I’ve accomplished, I’m pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been more productive than I thought, and now I hope that productivity will pay off.

The search for a permanent day job continues.  The job market has taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks, but I’m still optimistic after two years of looking that my job is out there.  The timing has just been off.  I worked a temp job during March and April, giving me a much needed paycheck and recent work on my resume.  Recently, I re-affirmed my strategy and where I want to work, what my employment options are and how I’ll move forward.  I’ll continue to send out resumes, apply for jobs, and work temp jobs as they become available.  My writing continued to be a secondary priority to the job search except in May when I made it the first priority to finish several projects and get a start on others….

Perceval and the Perceval Novels: Slow progress.  I continue to write notes about my ideas and still intend to rewrite the first novel once I’ve settled into a day job.  At a recent orchestra concert, my imagination began pumping out more ideas for the third novel, followed by some interesting thoughts about the second.  So, this series is still very much simmering.  Made the decision to call the first chapter of Perceval “Prologue.”

Essays:  I continue to contribute essays to Mensagenda each month. I’ve finished another essay I plan to send to the Mensa national publication.  I plan to submit other essays in various stages of development to paying markets when they’re ready.

Short Stories: Sent out The Light Chamber yesterday to a paying market.  I’ve been quite pleased with progress on The Negligee and expect to finish the first draft in the next two weeks.  While I let it ferment, I’ll research paying markets for it.  The elf Christmas story turned out to be a dead-end for now, but I’ve filed it under ideas that could spark new ideas.  I am very, very pleased with my progress in writing short stories.  In the past, I’ve thought I would never get the hang of it…..

Memoir: Rare, the memoir essay, and the money memoir have taken priority for the rest of the year.  I’m feeling internal pressure to get going on the money memoir, so all other memoir work will take a back seat.  I’ll continue writing notes for them.  I feel a strong need to start writing the money memoir and finish Rare.

Freelance Writing:  I had thought I would continue with this but lost all interest in January.  I can always return to it.  Demand Media recently bought the rights to an article I wrote for them back in 2009 — my first nonfiction sale!

Nonfiction Book Collaboration:  Still waiting to hear if my friend has retrieved her chapters from her crashed hard drive and if we’re going forward with this project.

This Blog:  As I wrote last December, I plan to continue posting here no matter how the job search comes out.  I’ve been trying to attract more traffic here and increase my readership with some general articles about writing topics, but once life settles down and I’m pulling in a regular paycheck, I’ll return to the novels.

Reading: This year I’ve alternated reading science fiction novels with my other passions: mystery, thrillers, espionage, and literary.  For the last half of the year, I plan to add memoir to the mix, and read three nonfiction reference books in preparation for rewriting the first novel.  I’ve successfully cut back on the number of magazines I read, but continue to research new magazines/paying markets.

So far, so good this year.  I’m looking forward to good news the rest of the year….


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