Thrilling Internet Resource

There’s so much on the internet these days, it’s hard to know which resources are trustworthy and which not.  One way to help insure you’re getting good information is to join a writer’s group like the International Thriller Writers and utilize resources offered by them and their members.

Through ITW, I joined a Yahoo group to converse with fellow thriller writers.  Through the forum, I learned of an interesting blog right here at A Writer’s Forensics Blog by D. P. Lyle MD.  Dr. Lyle blogs on a wide range of topics in forensics as well as invites guest bloggers to write on their specialties.

The next time you’re wondering about how poisonous an octopus bite might be or the way law enforcement can use your cell phone to document your locations, check out Dr. Lyle’s blog.  I just wish I’d known about it when I was researching gunshot wounds…..


2 responses to “Thrilling Internet Resource

  1. Forensic Experts, scientists and investigators help to solve crimes by collecting and examining evidences and other facts found at the crime scene.

    These evidences may be fingerprints, handwriting samples, charred documents, blood, semen, bullets, explosives, firearms, saliva, hair, computer, hard disk, storage media, password protected files, mobile phones, Sim cards, bank records, drugs, dead bodies, teeth’s, tire marks, foot prints, soil, paint, currency, cloth, bite marks, insects, bones or skeletons, etc.

    • The possibilities for forensic evidence is probably endless, depending on the circumstances and location of the particular crime. It looks like you’re up to your necks in forensics work and SIFS. Best wishes for a high resolution rate!

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