A Weekend Off and an Update

I had not meant to take the last weekend off from not only blog writing but also the computer entirely, but that’s the way it worked out.  Life intervened!

Update: Work on the Perceval’s Secret revision continues.  I am approaching the halfway mark.  My challenge in Act 2 is to heighten the suspense while digging deeper into Evan Quinn’s character.  This morning, I blended two chapters and cut quite a lot of material that I liked but didn’t move the story forward.  I’ve discovered that I have a tendency to linger on unnecessary details, like a character setting up meetings, another character inviting characters to parties.  Why did I do that?

A Life Update: The job search has begun to pick up some momentum in the last few weeks.  I hope to be employed at a day job by the end of the year, if not before.

Regular post on Saturday…..Remember to read the new excerpt, Prologue….


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