A Slow Return to Writing

For the last month or so, I’ve had the luxury of time and a much slower pace of life.  But recovering from major surgery requires rest and no physical exertion.  Instead, I’ve been exerting my imagination.

Besides collecting raw material, my hospital stay and recuperation at home have given me quiet, uninterrupted time to think.  It is absolutely amazing to have that quiet.  No pressure.  No stress.  This is what vacations are supposed to provide, no?

This time could hardly be called a vacation.  With all the quiet time, I’ve been able to think through the short story I began back in July and realize that it needs to begin in a different way, and draft the beginning in my head.  New ideas pop into my mind daily in the quiet.  And I’ve had a lot more time to read.

Writers need uninterrupted quiet time to think.  Others may look at us askew when we’re thinking, staring at the computer screen or out the window, appearing to do nothing precisely at the time we’re working the hardest.

I’m thinking…..


2 responses to “A Slow Return to Writing

  1. So, so true. I want to start writing more–part of the reason I started my blog. I feel I have a lot of ideas and I like the process. But in my mid forties with two 10 year olds and a 13 year old and a full time job the quiet time is nonexistent and even the time to simply do something of my own choosing is scarce. At work when I write press releases I have to leave my desk and find an abandoned office where no one can find me to have the quiet time to think. For personal writing am I doomed to wait for empty nest-hood before I can really write?

    • I hope not, cannedhamcrazy! Have you tried negotiating with your family for an hour or two of writing time every day or every other day or on weekends? Also, if you’re home, you’re available to them. I’d try writing in a cafe or at the library. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

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