Brain Fried?

Hello!  I’ve been writing like a maniac all week.  Even earlier today.  I realized suddenly that it’s Saturday, my usual post day here.  But my brain has seized up.  What to do?  This isn’t writer’s block.  It’s burn out.

So…what do you do to deal with “burn out”?

Do you eat?  I used to eat.  Now, I must be careful about eating, what and when, due to a gastrointestinal condition that can turn the most delicious cheeseburger into 24 hours of writhing pain.  I’m on a doctor-ordered medically restricted diet.

Do you exercise?  Now there’s an idea.  Maybe I need to go for a brisk walk to clear out the clutter in my head, although I’ve been emptying my head all week as I’ve been writing…..(smile)

Watch TV?  A movie?  Listen to music?  Sleep?  Ah, sleep.  That sounds wonderful.  Tomorrow is Sunday, my day off…..

I’ll be back next week with a proper post!


2 responses to “Brain Fried?

  1. I think it’s time to change your mind… Do whatever you want but stop thinking! Thank you for following my blog. Sleep well!

    • I actually followed your advice before I saw it today — I stopped thinking! I turned on the TV and watch cop dramas for about 4 hours then went to bed. No work yesterday, but today I’m back at it. I LOVE writing, but the brain does get tired once in a while. I need to be more mindful of that and pace myself….

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