More to Come….

This weekend I’m up to my ears in year-end projects that I do not want to do and have been infected by a restlessness like restless leg syndrome of the mind.  My stereo refuses to play my CDs, scanning them and announcing “No disc” in the display window.  I need a new player.


You’d think writing would ease my distress, but my mind won’t settle on one thing long enough to formulate a sentence much less a paragraph or an entire post.  I do not usually rant here, but I’m just like every other writer — some days it just doesn’t pay to write with the intention of sharing.

I didn’t want my loyal readers to wonder what was up, with no regular Saturday post.  Next week I plan to post the first part of a two-part examination of the concept of dystopia and its psychological effects.  So until then….


2 responses to “More to Come….

  1. Take two aspirin and call in the morning. You’ll be better.

    • I actually shifted to doing lots of small tasks to match where my mind was. Productive, which made me feel better. Some days, I just have no patience with the life interruptions! Thanks for the comment!

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