More Next Week…..

I leave early this afternoon to attend a conference at which I’ll be giving a presentation.  My nerves are a mess.  Public speaking is not my favorite thing to do although I’ve done my share of it in the past.  The presentation is an important one, however, based on material I’ll be using in my memoir about being a successful patient.

As a result of this commitment, I won’t be posting here tomorrow as I usually do.  Perhaps I will collect ideas at the conference for future posts here…we’ll see.  I just need to get control of my nerves!

More next week…..


2 responses to “More Next Week…..

  1. I wish you well at the conference. Focus on what the things you know and are good at not what you can’t. Everyone has a first time at doing something, relax and be yourself. You can do it!

    • Thanks for the good wishes, JW! The presentation went very well. My jangled nerves just became part of the experience. I suppose different people approach public speaking in different ways, unique to themselves. A friend just told me today that there are some theater actors who, despite years of experience on the stage, still throw up before going on stage. They’re fine once they get going, as I was. Thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment!

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