Brain Exhaustion

Credit: Deepak Nanda/

Credit: Deepak Nanda/

It’s Saturday and I have the time this afternoon to write a post here.  But my mind is empty.  How can it be?  Oh, so very, very easy!  In the world of 2014, information overload and mental overstimulation, not to mention STRESS, are the norm for ordinary human beings like me.  I had no idea that being a writer would result in all that stuff….

First of all, I am celebrating today the publication of an article I wrote under my pen name, Gina Hunter, in MinnPost online.  It’s about the Minnesota Orchestra’s governance structure which I believe is sorely in need of reform as it is.  In addition to that article, I published a complementary blog post at the Eyes on Life blog regarding the necessary steps to governance reform.  I had been working on both these articles for some time, so I’m pleased to see them out there in the world.  I hope they provoke a productive discussion.

Second, I have a deadline for my monthly column coming up.  I finished the article yesterday — it’s a word-find puzzle of my own creation — did some cleaning up today, and sent it to the editor early.  The answer to the puzzle may need some work and I wanted to insure we had enough time before the deadline to do that work, if needed.

Third, I began the proofing work for the e-book this past Monday.  To my dismay, this “galley” contained far more errors than expected, primarily what the production manager called “broken paragraphs.”  During my work on the proofing this week, I also learned about how to avoid broken paragraphs in manuscripts in the future.  Another lesson: it seems that no matter how many times I proofed the manuscript, there were still editing issues like dropped words, capitalization issues, wrong words, etc.  <heavy sigh>  At first, it was terribly discouraging.  But then, I realized that I was gaining valuable experience, i.e. of reading an e-book in e-book software and using its features (cool!), as well as reading the novel more like a general reader.  What I saw pleased me no end.  There were even some things I didn’t even know I did that were there, enriching the story.  So, I finally finished the proofing work this morning.  The corrections are now with the production manager, and I’m back to waiting again….

Finally, I’ve fallen behind with the marketing work for the book launch.  That’s what I’ll be working on until the second proof of the e-book is ready.  I am toying with the idea of also starting an editing service.  Watch for more details here (if I decide to go forward with it).

I’ve also committed to doing another presentation in May and need to work on the slides and what I’m going to say….

Who out there still thinks the writing life is glamorous and fun?  Do you hear me laughing?  My brain really needs a rest…..


6 responses to “Brain Exhaustion

  1. My, you sound busy! I hope you get some much needed rest!

    • Thanks, Lindsey! I’m still in the thick of things getting the e-book ready for publication. I had no idea how much work it would entail. And I’ll be glad when I can announce that it’s published and available to buy….. Hope all is well with you and your family.

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