classical MPRI have the pleasure to announce again that my writing has been published.  This time on the Classical MPR website.  I’ve added a link to the home page of the website  under “Music” in my Blogroll on the right panel.

The piece is titled: Wave of Sound: The revelation of live music.  In it, I talk about how technology introduced me to classical music when I was young, and how I discovered live music in concert.

I hope to write more for Classical MPR in the future!



2 responses to “PUBLISHED!

  1. Cinda,

    I love this piece! I could certainly relate to it, especially, coincidentally, I’m working on a piece about classical music as well. Though it’s more from the perspective of a layperson’s love of classical music. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it once I’m finished with it. It’s in rough draft form now. Congratulations on the publication!


    • Thank you, Beatriz! I didn’t know you have an interest in classical music. That’s great. Do you have a classical music radio station in your area? If it has a website, perhaps you could send your essay to it? You never know…..(big smile)

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