#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…

This subject is not something I’ve thought about very much, but it’s an important one to put front and center now that I have a published novel.

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I have been hearing from a LOT recently that more SCAM BOOK SITES are appearing online in ever increasing numbers…

What can YOU do about it?

If you are an author and YOUR book(s) are being offered without your permission – issue DMCA Notices (SEE BELOW FIRST)


It may be tempting to get books FOR FREE or at greatly reduced prices but…

They may be a click farm looking for your email

and you will be infected with a virus.




If they are on Facebook – Use Facebook’s reporting form to remove their link source from Facebook’s server.

My attorney warns me not to click on them, but to send a form letter to their server.

You can find out their server here:

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6 responses to “#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…

  1. Thanks for spreading the word CC 😀

  2. The issue of copyright infringement has always been a problem for writers – I’ve had my intellectual property infringed multiple times, even in the “print age” just ending, and had to act on it. The electronic world merely facilitates something that’s always been there – and makes it a lot worse. Ultimately it devolves to having to take court action, which is expensive, so it’s hard to know what to do other than keep naming and shaming those who feel they can help themselves to the work of hard-working and under-paid authors.

    • So sorry, Matthew, to hear that you’ve had to deal with copyright infringement of your work. It makes me nervous — to my knowledge, I don’t have a problem, but that’s what makes me nervous. So much piracy tends to operate under the radar. I agree, though, that there are some people in this world who’d rather steal than plumb their own imaginations, and they have no conscience about it.

      • The worst offender offered to take me out to lunch in compensation! Extraordinary. I’ve had a number of incidents. I have yet to tackle the NZ government online encyclopaedia who plagiarised one of my books, even down to using my wording in places.

      • Lunch?! As we say here in America, what a crock! It is alarming just how ignorant copyright infringers are about the impact of their piracy. Stay vigilant, Matthew, and send a cease-and-desist letter to the NZ government about plagiarizing your book…. Good luck!

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