Writers Deserve Payment for Their Work!


Wil Wheaton over at Wil Wheaton dot Net wrote a post recently about being asked by The Huffington Post for permission to publish one of his blog posts on their website.  What followed was  a fabulous example of what so often happens on the Internet.  There still exists a general attitude that everything should be free on the Internet and available to everyone.  Well, it’s one thing for websites to be willing to make their content available to everyone for free, but quite another not to pay their content providers.

Please check out “you can’t pay your rent with ‘the unique platform and reach out site provides.‘”  I agree with Wil Wheaton and the stand that he took, and I thank him for taking it, and then writing about it at his blog.  Writers need to eat, pay rent and bills, and be able to live in a Capitalist society also!


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