Updates: December 2015

This morning, I woke to a White World outdoors.  Snow blanketed everything like down.  Winter has finally arrived, and it reminded me that this year is almost over (YAY!).  It’s been a very long time since I’ve written an update post here, and today feels like a good day to do it.  Without further ado:


Perceval Novels:
Perceval’s Secret continues to sell at Amazon, but not much at Barnes & Noble or Kobo.  I’m thinking of removing it from Kobo going forward.  Sales at Amazon have been quite slow this year.  The sales have been in America, Canada, and the UK.  If you have not yet bought your copy (only $2.99!), please do, and give it a read.  Five good to excellent reviews on Amazon!  I’d love to hear from readers through reviews at Amazon and B&N.

As for the other novels in the series, I’ve not done much work on them this year.  Mostly writing notes as I’ve gotten ideas.  I’ve been itching to work on Perceval’s Shadow, the second novel, and the first draft is ready for me to revise.  This has become a goal for 2016.  I’d really like to get it done!  And then I’d like to finish the first draft of Perceval in Love, the third novel.  Still only writing notes for the fourth and fifth novels.

Sales dropped in 2015 because I was not able to market and promote the novel as aggressively as I’d planned.  For 2016 I plan to pick up the pace.  I hope to secure more book reviews, as well as do more promotion at GoodReads, LinkedIn, and Publishers Marketplace.  I continue to promote the novel on Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve been writing more posts at the Perceval Novels Facebook page, too.  Please go and like it, and visit often for updates on the novels.

Indiegogo Project:
For nearly two years now I’ve been carrying credit card debt from production, publication, and marketing expenses I incurred to publish Perceval’s Secret as an e-book.  Although I’ve been paying more than the minimum each month, I’ve not been able to pay it down but just stay even.  The interest has increased, first when a promotion I borrowed under ended, and now with the Fed’s increase in interest rates.  I tried to get a personal loan from my bank (same bank that issued my credit card) in order to pay off the credit card and have debt at a much, much lower interest rate, but the bank rejected my application.  So, I’m going to try again with crowdsource funding online, this time with a crowdsource funding site that will pay even if I don’t raise the goal amount.  Watch for it, and help out if you can.  Thank you!

Short Stories:
I began work in earnest on a science fiction short story, Light the Way.  The two stories on Wattpad, The Negligee and The Light Chamber, are still there if you’d like to read and comment on them.  For 2016, I’d like to get my short story house in order and perhaps finish what I’ve started.

This past year, I continued to write “Word Power” essays monthly for Mensagenda. Recently, however, I decided to take a hiatus for about 6 months from this gig.  The ideas had stopped flowing for that particular subject area.  I want to return to writing a column for this publication about a different subject TBD.  I continue to write posts at the Eyes on Life blog (as Gina Hunter) and here at Anatomy of Perceval.

Paid Gigs:
I wrote more essays about my personal experiences with classical music for ClassicalMPR.org.  They had to cut back their budget for freelance submissions, however, so I wasn’t able to write as much as I’d have liked for them this year.  They still want me to pitch them, however, and I will.  In addition, I’ll be searching for other places that will pay me to write about subjects that interest me (or that will pay for fiction).

Yager Editing Services:
Although I’d planned to finish setting up the website for this small business and launching it online, I did not get to it this year.  My plan is to finish it and launch it early in January 2016 so I’ll have another revenue stream.  I did some work in this business in 2014.  I know that I”ll need to also market and promote this business, probably at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The Successful Patient:
This memoir project went on a back burner this year, although I collected a lot more raw material for it.  Its structure has been bugging me.  I don’t think I have the right structure yet, and I sense that I may need to just start writing to find it.

Part-time Job:
I continued to work part-time at the customer service job this year.  I’ve learned quite a lot about customer service, and I’ve written about it at Eyes on Life. Each shift is a new challenge.  I enjoy the people contact and my co-workers, but I’m happy to go home to solitude and a quiet phone!

In 2015, I signed up at GoodReads for a Reading Challenge and chose 20 books to read over the year.  I made my goal.  In fact, I’ve read more fiction this year than I have in the 5 previous years, and I’m very happy about that.  Also, I’ve begun reading more on my computer, but still prefer “real” books I can carry with me on the bus to and from work.

Health Update:
2015 was a particularly tough and challenging year for me and my health.  It affected everything in my life.  I developed a serious lung illness at the end of January that turned out to be a chronic, autoimmune illness without a cure.  Fortunately, my doctors identified the cause and began treatment.  Going through this illness gave me a lot more material for The Successful Patient memoir project.  However, during it, I was in a primal place of focus on survival, so I had difficulty concentrating on anything, including reading and my writing.  Since my treatment began in April, I’ve slowly returned to my regular life and activities.

Ready? Set? Go!

Ready? Set? Go!


5 responses to “Updates: December 2015

  1. Wow, lots of projects in the works! All best to you in the new year!

  2. So much on the anvil! Wish you the best for the new year, Cinda!

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