Happy Anniversary!

7429pic2-thumb man in shadowsAs I began thinking about what to write here today, WordPress sent me an anniversary card.  It was 9 years ago this month that I signed on with WordPress and began to develop this blog. On September 18, 2007, I published my first post, “Writing to Date.”

Nine years! When I began, I focused on writing each week and never imagined how long I wanted to keep this blog up and running. Weekly posts challenged me enough.  But there have been some favorites over the years, and flops, too, and times when I needed to take some time off although I didn’t really want to.

I want to say a hearty Thank you! to all my readers who have stayed with me over time, and a welcoming Thank you! to new visitors and readers. I hope you’ll find much of interest here, and perhaps even a novel you’d like to read like my very own Perceval’s Secret.

Designed by Christopher Bohnet, xt4, inc.

Designed by Christopher Bohnet, xt4, inc.

Out of curiosity, I checked the stats for my posts over the last 9 years. I don’t usually pay much attention to stats, but today I wanted to see what had been popular over time.  Here are the top 10 posts in no particular order:

It amazes me how often ideas grab my imagination when I’m doing something truly boring and mundane. Showers seem to be the best place for me to muse about my writing. Yesterday, two ideas battled for my attention in the shower and while I dressed. One was for a short (or long) memoir or nonfiction assessment of The Golden Rule. Go figure. But it really excited me. The second was about taking a screenplay I wrote years ago and transforming it into a romantic suspense novel. This idea shocked me. Romantic suspense? Me?! But I’d recently reread Mary Stewart’s The Moon-Spinners and was so ridiculously happy after finishing it, I wondered if perhaps I actually like romantic suspense stories — or was it only this particular story that I like? And I’ve pulled out all my files for Perceval’s Shadow, the second novel in the series, to begin work on the first revision. I do wish I didn’t need to work to pay my bills.

I plan to continue this blog, writing about the Perceval series and my struggles and successes with it, my work on my other writing projects, writing about writing, being a writer, reading, classical music, and the occasional book or movie review. I may even write about writing a blog. I hope you will all continue to visit and talk to me in the comments section!  I love hearing from you.

My writing desk

My writing desk


2 responses to “Happy Anniversary!

  1. We must’ve started our blogs around the same time – and that’s how we met! I never thought mine would still be around. Happy blogoversary!

    • Thanks, David! I don’t recall how we met, but I’m glad we did. I do enjoy reading your blog. If we started off about the same time, Happy blogoversary to you, too!

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