Stephen Hough’s Rules for Concert-going

Pianist Stephen Hough (Photo from

Pianist Stephen Hough (Photo from

I’ve written about how to attend a classical music concert before on this blog here and here.  Stephen Hough agrees with me!  I wanted to share his thoughts about attending the BBC Proms.  Enjoy!


3 responses to “Stephen Hough’s Rules for Concert-going

  1. I just read this a bit earlier today. I find it interesting, when symphony players visit a school, they encourage cheering, clapping and fun. Granted, the sections need to refined when the kids get older, but joy is joy. The Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra is encouraging a more personal relationship with its audience; this includes “allowing” people to clap between movements.

    • I just heard a story today about a woman who attended an orchestra concert for the very first time. She was excited, dressed up for it, and listened raptly during the performance. Afterward, she said what made the biggest impression on her was how the auditorium full of people was so silent together, listening to the music. I think a lot of orchestras everywhere are trying to find ways to connect with new audiences. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Wendy!

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