The Main Character in the Perceval Novels:  EVAN QUINN

Evan, 35 and American from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an orchestra conductor and violinist, never married.  In America, in addition to his work as music director of the Minneapolis State Symphony, he performed as first violin of the Hartleben Quartet.  His father, Randall Quinn, was a renowned dissident writer and a leader in the Underground Resistance in America.  His godfather and mentor, Joseph Caine, was a beloved classical music composer and also a leader in the Underground Resistance.  Evan speaks German, knows some Krav Maga, likes gardening, animals, movies, books and all kinds of music.  He works out and runs regularly to keep his 6 foot 3 inch body lean and in excellent physical condition.  Evan does not drink alcohol.

The Major Supporting Players in PERCEVAL’S SECRET:

Klaus Leiner:48, Austrian, Chief Inspector in Viennese police section that deals with foreigners (formerly D-1), extremely intelligent, reserved, thorough, determined and detail-oriented.  He is married, has two daughters, and he loves classical music.

Bernie Brown: 40, American, Assistant Cultural Attache at the American Embassy in Vienna, Deputy Chief of Station for CIA in Vienna.  He grew up in the Bronx, son of a cop, graduated from Cornell University.  Talented in foreign languages and mimicry, he’s a grown-up street kid.  He loves jazz and dreams someday of owning his own jazz cafe.  His beloved Uncle Danny loved classical music, especially Joseph Caine’s music, and he’s very interested in Evan because of it.

Vasia Bartyakov: 27, Russian, graduate student in piano at the University of Vienna, Hochschule fur Musik.  Full name: Vassily Vladimirovich Bartyakov.  He’s the kind of guy who walks into a room and instantly has a roomful of friends.  He is also fearless, generous and completely open to the world.  In addition to his studies, he works as an accompanist for instrumentalists and vocalists.  His girlfriend is Greta Fasching: 33, Austrian-Somali, a producer at radio station Oesterreich Eins.

Sofia Karalis: 29, Swiss-Greek, award-winning actress in theater and film.  She is Greta Fasching’s best friend.  Beautiful, earthy, radiant and kind, she mesmerizes Evan.  She loves music, literature, travel and is an amateur photographer.  She knows Lothar Waage, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating people with psychological trauma.

Nigel Fox: 50’s, British artist manager for classical musicians, well known and well respected.  He has offices in London (main), Moscow and Vienna.  Evan hires him to represent his interests and help him build a music career outside of America.

Woodrow “Woody” Lewis: 60’s, American expatriate, proprietor of the Cafe Chicago in Vienna’s First District, former professor of American Studies at the University of Vienna.  He becomes an important contact for Evan in Vienna.

Dieter Aschenbeck: 40’s, Austrian, lawyer with the Interior Ministry who oversees Klaus Leiner’s operations regarding defectors.  He loves classical music and does not believe Evan is an American spy.

Freda Kirsch: mid-30’s, Austrian, a widow and an English teacher who loves to garden.  She owns the house (where she lives) and carriage house apartment (where Evan lives) in Vienna’s 18th District.  She has a golden retriever, Sasha. 

Additional Supporting Players to follow as novels are completed.

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