Gina's Eyes As I’ve worked on my project to publish Perceval’s Secret as an e-book, the following people have been of special assistance and support, and I thank them from my bones for their help:

  • R. D. Zimmerman
  • Patricia Weaver Francisco
  • Christopher Bohnet
  • The Crew at, Kimberley Hitchens, Owner

To my Kickstarter Supporters: Although my Kickstarter project did not make its funding goal, I still want to express my appreciation to the following supporters for pledging their support for it:

  • Margaret Cooper
  • Peter Van Strum
  • Gail P. Beske
  • Richard Carr
  • Paul McWilliam
  • Dianne Hobden
  • Scot Nattrass
  • Julie Sorcek
  • R. D. Zimmerman
  • Betty Thompson
  • Seth Rosenbaum
  • Dan Satorius
  • Maxine W. Davis
  • Deborah Murphy
  • Mathew Rouch
  • Ericka Pickar
  • Kordie Reinhold
  • Barbara Heenan Andersen — thank you for giving me your contribution anyway!
  • Jim Bartsch
  • Jerome Wenker
  • Catherine Delin
  • Jane Kise
  • Chris Wold
  • Mark Simonson
  • Marie Mateski
  • Daphne Riordan
  • Patrick Meservier
  • Steve Larson
  • Kevin Borchers — thank you for giving me your contribution anyway!
  • Julie Haight Curran
  • Deborah R. Ramsey
  • Susan Berdahl
  • Elizabeth Tobias
  • Joan Castleman
  • Diane Louis
  • Deborah C Ryerson
  • Half Day Cafe
  • Isabel Marian MacDougall
  • Osmo Vanska
  • Douglas Meyer
  • Stephen Cassavant
  • Warren Clyborne
  • Prudence Meyer
  • Chris Shepela
  • Garrett Byrnes
  • David A. Nickel
  • Robert G. Kronschnabel

To my GoFundMe supporters: Their generosity and support have been an important part of my working toward my goal of paying off the e-publication marketing and production debt and producing/publishing a paperback of Perceval’s Secret.  This fundraising campaign, “Taking Perceval to the Next Level,” as of February 28, 2018, is now over! Although it did not make its goal, I wanted to express my appreciation anyway to the following for their donations:

  • Anonymous (4) — yes I know who you are but I’m not telling!
  • Pat Thompson
  • Jenny McDermott
  • Kevin Borchers
  • Dan Satorius
  • Jerome Wenker

A special shout-out to Kevin Borchers for his participation in one of my Facebook promotions for this fundraiser. He donated by the deadline and chose the reward of having a minor character named after him in one of the Perceval series novels after Perceval’s Shadow. I’ve been thinking about this and I suspect he’ll show up in either the third or fourth novel. Thank you, Kevin!

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